About us

Members of CBDG

The membership comprises of major companies who are actively involved in the concrete and/or bridge industries, especially:

  • Bridge owners
  • Consulting engineers
  • Contractors
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Suppliers
  • Associated industry groups
  • Individual consultants
  • Close ties and relationships are also maintained with associated UK institutions and overseas bodies.


A group of 36 bridge enthusiasts, prompted by the British Cement Association, met at an exploratory meeting on June 28th 1991 at Wexham Springs in Buckinghamshire. As a result, the Concrete Bridge Development Group was incorporated on March 3rd 1992 and the Inaugural Meeting followed on March 27th 1992 at the Institution of Structural Engineers, London by which time others had joined. Bridge-owners were subsequently invited into membership in 1993.

Aims and Objectives of CBDG

  • To address the challenges of concrete bridge design and construction
  • To encourage the wider and better use of concrete in bridges
  • To provide a focus for all those involved in concrete bridge design, construction and management, temporary works, maintenance, inspection and monitoring and materials
  • To promote an integrated approach and the use of best practice in design and construction
  • To encourage the development of innovative ideas and concepts
  • To support and encourage education and training initiatives
  • To identify and support future research and development needs

How Does CBDG Work?

  • Dedicated committees and task groups, made up of members and selected specialists, to study specific issues and provide a co-ordinated industry view
  • Study visits
  • Annual conference and seminars to disseminate information
  • Technical guidance through published material