Benefits of Concrete

Concrete is one of the oldest and widely used of construction materials and possesses many inherent qualities which can be used to benefit the client, designer and contractor.

Variety of Specification

Concrete can be manufactured to an inexhaustible range of specifications to suit all applications. This is possible by using different proportions of the constituent materials to create durable concrete while minimising the whole-life carbon content.

Variety of Surface Finish

Building in concrete provides an opportunity to provide an extraordinary range of surface finishes, whether an impression from the form-face material or is applied after it has hardened and struck. This creates the opportunity for architectural expression to go hand in hand with structural integrity.

Flexibility of Shape and Form

Concrete can be moulded into any shape by using appropriate formwork. This capability can be used to provide bespoke design solutions to specific problems and aesthetically pleasing structural forms.


Well designed and well placed concrete offers exceptional durability and long life in any structure. Concrete structures built over 100 years ago, indeed as long ago as the Romans, are still in active service today.

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete consists of naturally occurring materials, produces no emissions and needs no toxic preservatives. This is becoming an increasingly important issue. Current research and innovation is striving towards minimising the whole-life carbon content.

Fire Resistance

Concrete is naturally and inherently fire resistant and needs no additional application of fire protection.