The CBDG like most organisations rely on its membership to participate and contribute to the development of ideas and information in line with the aims of the Group.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee act on behalf of the Council to develop strategy and to assess the general and financial governance of the Association. It consists of the CBDG Chairman, Vice Chairman and Executive secretary. Representatives from the Council may also be co-opted. The Executive Committee report directly to the Council.

For further information contact the Executive Secretary:


Council act as the Board of Directors for the Association. Members are drawn from across the membership Categories in line with the Articles of Association.

Technical Committee

The Technical committee is drawn from the representatives of the companies subscribing to the CBDG. It is responsible for the technical needs of membership, development of information to be disseminated, organising the technical content of the annual conference and other events, and the inception of Task groups as necessary to fulfil the remit.

For further information contact the Executive Secretary:

Working Groups

From time to time Working Groups are established to develop specific topics. Members will be predominantly drawn from the membership but non-member experts may be engaged.

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