Resilient Materials for Life International Conference

On-line event


Resilient Materials for Life – International Conference (online)

Inspired by the ongoing EPSRC-funded RM4L programme grant, the conference brings together relevant aspects of innovative research on cementitious infrastructure materials used in civil engineering applications and provides a forum for the exchange of materials’ research more generally. The development of novel and smart infrastructure materials, driven by the desire to reduce the costs of their maintenance and their significant environmental impact, is attracting the attention of researchers, academics, industrialists and policy makers across the world. Infrastructure materials with self-sensing, self-healing and self- adapting capabilities, and tailored materials such as engineered cementitious composites are just a few examples of the research areas that are of interest.

The conference will encompass research on innovative, intelligent and autonomous infrastructure materials and their use in a range of geotechnical, structural and construction engineering applications

Consortium:  Cardiff University, University of Cambridge, University of Bath, University of Bradford. 

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