Concrete Production

The Concrete Society - Head office - Camberley
On-line webinar Thursday 19th August


This morning Technical Seminar aims to provide an overview of the methods of producing concrete. A connecting theme throughout each presentation is how concrete is manufactured with quality as the utmost importance.

The event will offer an in-depth insight for Engineers, Graduates, Producers, Constituent Suppliers and Apprentices with a focus on understanding the importance of how the constituents are put together and how to manufacture quality controlled fresh concrete fit for the end user. 

The sessions start at 10:00am and will close at approximately 12:00pm. Joining instructions will be provided on confirmation. A copy of presentation will be supplied post event.

Key topics to include:
• What is concrete
• How concrete is produced
• What is concrete mix design
• Quality control


The Society Advisory engineers


10.00 to 12.00hr


Concrete Society members 40, Non members 65 (excl VAT)