Why do we need to test the in-situ strength of concrete? - BOOKINGS CLOSED

The Concrete Society - Head office - Sandhurst, Berkshire
On-line Seminar


This late morning Technical Seminar aims to provide guidance on the Standards relating to sampling and testing of core samples, and the assessment of in-situ concrete strength.

The event will offer an in-depth insight for engineers, supervisors, laboratory, technical managers and technicians on the in-situ strength assessment with the focus upon practical interpretation of the newly revised BS EN 13791 and BS EN 12504-1.

The session begins at 11:00 and will close at approximately 13:00 with short break between sessions. Joining instructions will be provided on confirmation. 

Key documents discussed:

BS EN 12504-1:2019 Testing concrete in structures. Cored specimen - taking, examining and testing in compression
BS EN 13791:2019 Assessment of in-situ compressive strength in structures and precast concrete components


The Society Advisory engineers


11:00 to 13:00


Concrete Society members 50, Non members 75 (excl VAT)