What are the Benefits


Membership of the Concrete Bridge Development Group is open to those companies who have an interest in promoting and enhancing the concrete bridge industry.

By being representative of the whole industry, the CBDG acts as a catalyst for the best in concrete bridge design, construction, maintenance and management.

Why Join the CBDG?

The opportunity to remain informed of the developments in the UK concrete bridge construction market is vital to UK design, construction, maintenance and management sectors.

Involvement with a Group enables close ties and relationships with associated UK institutions and overseas bodies whose member companies and organisations are dedicated to the task of improving efficiency in the concrete bridge market. The CBDG includes Bridge owners, Consulting engineers, Contractors, Academic and Research institutions, Suppliers, Associated industry groups and Individual consultants.

CBDG publications offer a significant contribution to industry. You can be part of their development.

How to Join

Benefits of belonging to the CBDG

Membership provides an opportunity to;

  • contribute to the understanding of concrete bridge design and construction for the benefit of the industry.
  • address issues and opportunities in the industry.
  • keep up with changes to Codes, Standards and practice.
  • work with precast manufacturers, influence product development and learn what designers could do to use their products more effectively.
  • work with contractors to gain insight into what they see as opportunities for better solutions and how designers could address construction challenges.
  • work with bridge owners to understand their issues, what they want the industry to respond to and where investment may be going.
  • to propose dedicated Working Groups to review specific issues related to concrete bridges, additionally to benefit from the group's findings, innovative ideas and concepts.

Membership entitles all organisation employees to;

  • Discounted price for Technical Publications
  • Discounted price for conference attendance
  • Access to the majority of past conference presentations
  • Receipt of newsletter which provides insight into activities of the Group and opportunities to question or influence those involved in those activities
  • Access to information via the web-site
  • Opportunity to join technical committee and/or council and through that:
    • Network with owners, contractors, manufacturers and designers
    • Review and contribute to production of technical guides and other documents
    • Shape and influence the annual conference
    • Identify areas for research and support
    • Opportunity to receive funding to produce technical guides