CBDG newsletter no. 1 was written by the executive officer at the time, Roy Jolly, and was circulated to members in June 1992 following the CBDG's inauguration. A further 31 newsletters followed until 2007, and that was after a hiatus of three years between no. 31 and no. 32, which was the first and last newsletter produced by Alan Tovey after taking over from the retiring executive secretary Colin Cleverly in October 2007 after 14 years' service. In the gap between 2004 and 2007 'The Bridge', a 4-page glossy, was extensively distributed in various trade journals instead of a newsletter. This was as a result of the financial influence of The Concrete Centre which was created in 2003 to promote the use of concrete. After the retirement of Alan in December 2020, the current executive secretary Richard Day re-launched the newsletter in March 2021 continuing the series as no. 33.

The first and last 2 newsletters are listed, bookending the first 28 years of the CBDG, plus the current ones as they are issued.

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